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It is an ideal time if you are considering joining or changing your golf club because we offer the opportunity to try Brampton Golf Club before you buy. (Be a member for a day). All club facilities will be available to you during the trial period (daily green fee rate can be discussed and will be discounted off future membership fees).

Subscription Rates – 1st April ’24 to 31st March ’25

Prospective members are advised of the current annual subscription and entrance fee payable by each category of member which are as follows. Further details and terms are available from the office.

There is a one-off joining fee applicable to age 18 and overs.

Full Member£771
Intermediate (aged 26-29)£539
Intermediate (aged 21-25)£424
Intermediate (aged 18-20)£346
Juniors (Aged under 18)£89
Juniors (aged under 16)£50
Juniors (aged 11 or under)£35
Low and Modest Income Members£490
Non Playing Social Membership£53
  • Notes

    (a) Rules
    (i) Any applicant joining the Club midway through 2024-25 Season ( i.e. 1 April 2024– 31 March 2025), will be charged a pro-rata subscription to cover the period up to 31 March 2025. Contact the office for further details.
    (ii) Payment of the appropriate subscription can only be made by way of an upfront annual payment or other payment options detailed in the invoice. Payments are accepted by cash, cheque, BACS, or Debit Card. Credit Card payments are not accepted.
    (iii) If parent / grandparent of child aged under 11 is a full member then any of their children / grandchildren under aged 11 on 01/04/2024 will receive FREE membership.
    (iv) Mandatory annual golf affiliation fees are additionally payable with membership e.g. Full Member £20.50 (Gents) and £20.00 (Ladies). All members will receive a Cumbria Union of Golf Clubs County card as part of their Membership.

    (b) Entrance Fee.
    (i) Equivalent to two months subscription for the relevant membership category.
    (ii) Entrance Fees are applicable to aged 18 and over.
    (iii) No entrance fee for the low and modest income.

    (c) Twilight Membership offers the following:

    (i) Allows you to play Golf any day after 2pm (1pm between 1 November and 31 March).
    (ii) Discount Members Card for Food/Bar purchases.
    (iii) Unrestricted access to Clubhouse, Driving Range and practice facilities.
    (iv) Book a tee up to 14 days in advance.
    (v) Handicap Management

    No voting rights or guest introduction rates apply to this category.

    (d) Academy Membership offers the following:

    (i) Unrestricted access to Driving & Practice Areas,
    (ii) Discount Members Card for Food/Bar purchases.
    (iii) No joining fee.

    No access to play the course without payment of green fee.  Available to those without former membership at the club.

    (e) Non Paying/Social offers the following:

    (i) Enjoy all the benefits and privileges of the Club other than playing the course.
    (ii) Discount Members Card for Food/Bar purchases.
    (iii) No voting rights or guest introduction rates apply to this category.

    No access to playing the course or using the practise facilites without payment of green fee or purchasing Range Tokens.

    Cancellation and Refunds Policy

    You have the right to cancel your Subscription within seven days of making your payment and you will receive a refund of the charge made to your credit/debit card.  Any request for a refund must be made either in writing to the Office, Brampton Golf Club, Tarn Road, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 1HN or by email to

  • Joining Fees

    All new or returning members are required to pay a Joining Fee. Joining Fees are 1/6th of the appropriate annual subscription.

  • Community Amateur Sports Club

    Brampton Golf Club, a registered Community Amateur Sports Club, offers a category of membership for those on a Low/Modest Income. This rate is available without discrimination, to persons (new and existing) who can reasonably demonstrate they are unable to afford any of the Club’s standard subscription rates. Acceptable evidence of an applicant’s personal circumstances may be provided in the form of independent documentation (or proof) of any passported benefit (Income based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Universal Credit, Income based Employment Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit & Guaranteed Pension Credit). The Club will be discreet and confidential throughout the application process and all members within this category will enjoy identical voting rights and privileges of the other standard categories of membership.

  • Monthly Payment

Membership Enquiries

We currenlty have availablity for all categories of membership, with an immediate start. Make an enquiry using the form below or complete our application for membership form.