• Safeguarding Children

    • It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure the welfare and safety of the many children participating in golf. Every club should have a Club Welfare Officer to liaise with England Golf and to deal with any concerns. Safeguarding concerns may arise through:

      • Bullying of children by their peers or by adults
      • Individuals exploiting their position to gain access to children
      • Placing unrealistic performance expectations on children
      • Lacking awareness of the needs for safeguarding
      • Poor planning

      England Golf provides advice and guidance for clubs, parents and individuals on safeguarding matters. If any concern arises at our club we are advised to contact the England Golf compliance team as soon as possible.

      England Golf provides a national case management system and one-to-one support with safeguarding cases and clubs should notify England Golf of any cases. They can also provide template policies and procedures and training courses for Club Welfare Officers and other staff/volunteers.


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